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Svane Spedition is a smaller freight company, founded by the current director, Søren Nissen.

Svane Spedition has primarily engaged in freight transport between Denmark and Italy as well as Denmark and Austria. It is still these markets, which are the focus areas for Svane Spedition.

Our primary customer segments are other transport companies that do not themselves have transport to these markets, but who would like to offer their customers an effective and professional solution to Italy, as well as Austria.

Svane Spedition is 100% neutral in freight solutions. We will gladly provide you with the customer’s own consignment note or Svane Spedition’s consignment note.

We have 12-15 regular trucks in our traffics, the majority of which are equipped with GPS tracking. In addition, we have our own trailers. Svane Spedition is curently located in Taastrup.

We have more than 100 square meters of office space and 700 square meters warehouse. Svane Spedition currently consists of 3 permanent employees, each with their own responsibilities.

Director and Founder Søren Nissen has more than 50 years of experience in the transport industry, where he has primarily focused on the southern European market.

Leif Larsen is Svane Spedition’s bookkeeper, also with many years of experience in his field, which ensures that the numbers are correct.

Customer in focus
At Svane Spedition you are not just a number in the row. We put our customers in focus. We always try to act proactively and inform our customers in case of delays or other unforeseen challenges. In addition, we are never further away than a call or an email. We have short command lines, and it is therefore not far from thought to action.

We are a small sized freight company that is able to offer and offer very flexible solutions to our customers. We follow up on the individual customer and follow every task closely – from start to finish. We are professional and honest, which means that we rather reject a task than we accept a task we know we can not handle.

In order to ensure the company’s continued existence and development, our goal is always to deliver a job that fulfills the customer’s expectations according to the contractual basis.