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Freight to Italy and Austria

Svane Spedition A/S is a small freight company in Køge, which specializes in freight transport from Denmark to Italy and Austria. We carry out transportation tasks for other freight forwarders throughout Europe.

What does transportation with Svane Spedition mean? We offer transportation of virtually all kinds of goods. Whether it’s light goods, heavy goods or dangerous goods, we make sure it is shipped safely according to all the rules of the art. We also handle pallets, packages, courier and more.

We also offer full-load freight transport. We fill the entire truck with your goods and deliver directly to your customer. We pick up the goods at your company at the agreed time and deliver to your customer’s address at the agreed time.

Freight transport by truck throughout Europe
We offer international road transport in Europe. Freight transport by truck is still a very popular and cheap freight solution. In addition, it is a fast and very flexible solution.

We are a freight company with many years of experience in international freight transport, specialized in transport to Italy and Austria. We offer transportation of almost all kinds of goods. We have experienced drivers for our routes, ensuring a good and safe transport, where transit times and deadlines are met.

Freight company with tailor made solutions

Our customers are different and never have the same needs. Therefore, we make every effort to put together tailored solutions in freight transport to suit the individual customer’s unique needs.

We pick up the goods wherever you wish. If it is to be collected in your own company, in a foreign warehouse, or if you want to deliver it at our address in Køge, we will make sure to customize and tailor to your wishes.

With our customized freight solutions, it is possible to arrange fixed pick-up days, times and places throughout the country.

We offer short-term storage in our own warehouse. That way, we can keep your goods ready for shipment as soon as we have a truck ready to handle your freight.

express Freight
Svane Spedition has a wide network of collaborators that enable us to offer our customers express delivery.

We can deliver your cargo in Europe within 48 hours up to 1,000 kg. Our freight transport is therefore very flexible, both on time and on service.

Transport of dangerous goods (ADR)

Svane Spedition is a professional freight company with many years of experience in transportation of dangerous goods. We have all statutory certifications, permits and certificates required to transport
dangerous goods. We deliver across Europe, both for private and business, with a focus on business. Read more about rules and guidelines here.

Loading and unloading of containers

Svane Spedition works widely within freight and forwarding. It also involves transport and transportation of containers. We pick up containers on both construction sites and at private properties. In connection with the pickup, we also of course make sure to empty the container for content and deliver it at the agreed place at the agreed time.

Groupage, pallets and packages

When you have to ship a large and heavy package from 20-30 kilo and up, in many cases it may be better for you to ship it as road freight. Alternatively, you can place the package on a pallet. The benefit is that your package will not pass by several small vans and sorting bands. The more shifts a package goes through, the greater is the risk of damages.

With groupage, your package is typically loaded on a truck and is then driven either to a warehouse or to another truck that shifts the package to you. There are significantly fewer hands on your piece of goods, and much lower risk of damages.

The safest is to ship your packages on a pallet. In this way, nobody will handle your package during the transport because the pallet is lifted by a pallet truck or truck.

Groupage are primarily intended for products handled best manually – without packaging straps. These include motorcycles and steel pipes. Batches can be sent individually, in smaller lots and in larger lots, both with normal freight and express freight.

Service and personal relations

When you are a customer at Svane Spedition, you are not just another number in the queue. We appreciate our customers as well as our relationships. We are always available both on the phone and via e-mail if questions should arise.

We believe that personal service is the key to good cooperation between freight company and customer. In this way, both parties avoid misunderstandings and cooperation proceeds smoothly.

We see ourselves as a very flexible freight company that meets the expectations of our customers. Personal relationships are one of the differentiation factors that make us special. We stand for what we do, and we never accept a task, which we know we can not handle.

We strive to proactively inform our customers if unforeseen challenges arise that lead to, for example, delays. Most of our trucks are equipped with a GPS, which allows us to follow our drivers.

Comes when you call and deliver where you want it, even if it is urgent. And then they are nice to talk to
– Helle

Various forwarding tasks

It is important for you and your company that there is control over the customs documents. Both import and export. We help the right communication to authorities so that we meet both your requirements and the requirements of the authorities.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions about a transport task.